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Client Application Details

As much as we would love to work with everyone, we cannot. We ask a lot from our clients as our process is much different than most. We require a certain amount of trust, creative freedom, and risk tolerance in order to be successful. In short, too much red tape kills our potential to perform.


Thank being said, we have the unique ability to make you into a meme. Fill out an application or give us a call and we will figure out what works best for both of us. Thanks.

Creator Partner Details

Creators are the reason we started this venture. It breaks my heart to see so many creators underpaid and underappreciated. Digital media is shifting power back to the people, but only if they can coordinate. We work with all kinds of creators - videographers, graphic designers, writers, memers - you name it, we can put you to work.


And more than just getting paid. We want to bring your passion projects to fruition. Have a movie idea? Pitch it to the community and we will build a team together to make it happen.



Career Application Details

For those who love the mission, but aren't so creative. In order for this to happen, we need a lot of assistance organizing and executing. We are always accepting accplications so fill one out below if you would like to join the Meme Team. All of our work is online, so you can work anywhere you want, any time you want.


Open positions:

Marketing Project Manager(s)

Software Developer(s)


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