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AirPods Re-bound with Meme Marketing

This is the best example of meme marketing to date. #Apple continues to show how they are first and foremost a marketing agency supplemented with tech.

Airpods were met with mixed reviews and low sales during the holiday season of 2016. Come holiday season 2018, buyers have to enter a waiting list or deal with a burgeoning aftermarket on eBay.

How is it that the same product can flop in 2016 and blow up in 2018? By acting as a catalyst for #usergeneratedcontent, Apple successfully utilized the meme community to propagate media on their behalf. This tool is extraordinarily effective for a few reasons:

-> Memes are the #newWOM and have a much higher acceptance rate when compared to traditional advertising.

-> The digital generation wants to make content and Apple gave them just that - a very easy to use message able to be quickly modified and personalized all while conveying a core brand communication goal of symbolizing wealth and power.

-> This method is vastly cheaper than traditional TV spots and billboards during the holiday season.

In time, this ad strategy will be even more impactful than the 1984 ad. Social media is just 10 years old and its true power is yet to be realized.


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