Tesla Outsells with No Traditional Advertising + Musk vs. Zucc Memes

Ever more present on social media, #ElonMusk is indirectly leading Tesla's marketing campaigns which are seeing huge success online. He sat in on the Joe Rogan podcast and Pewdiepie's Meme Review both of which have over 20M views on YouTube.

This alone is impressive, but the true power of #onlinemarketing is the cross-posting of screenshots from the media events. Both Elon smoking weed on Joe Rogan and laughing at a dead 'dolphin' on Meme Review were subsequently made into meme templates and re-posted online millions of times.

His willingness to jump off the corporate high horse and meet #socialmedia where they are at - smoking weed and laughing at dead animals - has made him into a meme icon. Even more impressive is when you compare his online sentiment to Mark Zuckerberg's - Mark is seen as a deceitful alien while Elon is seen as a meme lord. These connotations dramatically impact brand associations.

All of this has enabled #Tesla to sell more electric cars than anyone else in the world last year and all without any traditional advertising. Doubling down on this approach, Tesla will close down all their physical stores so they can bring the #Model3 price down to $35K. Elon is innovating both cars and marketing.

Please Mr. Zucc, they are just memes, don't sue me.

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