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Unsustainable brands will find themselves irrelevant with this new generation of customers.

Sustainability is not a fad. It is the new norm and those who do not adopt both people and planet sustainability measures will be left in the dust along with coal burning trains, and gasoline powered cars. 

The driving force behind this movement is perfect information permeation. When everyone can be heard, and all things can be video recorded, it becomes necessary to showcase your efforts to be sustainable. Otherwise, consumers will assume that you are hiding something. 

"Younger consumers have grown up with a more skeptical view of brands and an aversion to profits achieved through questionable business practices."

-> We don't trust big business because of the long-standing history of corporate abuse, peaking with the 2008 financial crisis.  

"Brands that lift the veil on how they conduct business—from sourcing of materials to manufacturing all the way through the supply chain—will naturally engender more goodwill. Transparency breeds trust and shoppers are more apt to buy from brands they trust."

-> I think in the near future, companies making an effort to be transparent and sustainable will provide constant live view camera footage of their sourcing and production methods.  

"And veering from the traditional online platform, Allbirds recently announced it will host a SiriusXM radio show on how to build profitable yet sustainability-focused businesses."

-> Media continues to fragment, however, I am honestly surprised he chose SiriusXM instead of a podcast on Spotify or Stitcher. 

"Brands that don't build sustainability into their business model may find themselves increasingly irrelevant with this new generation of consumers."

-> Preach. All I would change is 'will' find themselves irrelevant. Future brand relevance will be decided by brand media permanence and it'll be awfully hard to keep up if you're trying to appear a certain way, instead of just being who you are.  

#sustainability #ConsciousCapitalism #bcorporation #transparency

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