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Meme Team: Check it out, we make 

The best way to get an idea of who we are and what we stand for would be to check out our non-client content. We like to make both serious and silly stuff. My mom likes some of it, so I think you will too! 

Our Mission

We want to make advertising suck less. Seriously though, name one thing more universally hated than ads! Digital media changed the game - power is shifting away from corporations and back to consumers. We want to end marketing as we know it by enabling it to be made for the people by the people. Don’t get me wrong, marketing will always be around - we just think its time try a new approach. Yes, this is an ambitious goal, but we have a plan to make it happen.

Ok so, here is the gist. We are building the media agency of the future by enabling marketers and creators, like you, to self organize and execute both personal and professional projects. Get paid to complete corporate contracts or build a team to bring that film idea into reality. If you want to join the mission to end mass-media ads and blockbuster movies, then submit an application and we will get you signed up. Because at the end of the day, without you, this is just an idea. Check out any of our book review Podcasts to get a better idea of who we are and what we aim to do. 


I love creating content almost as much as I love consuming it. I'm into design, music, surfing, baseball and board games. I went to school at UCSB and learned a bunch of cool stuff about linguistics, tech, and business. Yo hablo (un poco de) español.


  • B.A Linguistics, Speech and Language Tech, UCSB

  • Researched Memes with John W. Du Bois


Hello internet friend, my name is Lukas and I like anything at the intersection of futurism and media. My long-term goals for MTM are to make sure real life does not end up like a Black Mirror episode and to end mass-media advertising.  


  • B.S. Business Administration, UC Berkeley-Haas

  • 2 years project management with Venture




Oh hi there! My name is Aidan, but people usually call me Aidan. Things that inspire me include comedy, music, and skateboarding. Here at MTM I strive to make videos that feel more human and less corporate.

  • B.A. Global Studies, UCSB

  • Video Production, Outward Bound and 3 years in digital marketing


The Meme Team

At the heart of our company is a growing community of decentralized social media marketers and content creators. We work to make both professional and personal projects attainable. For any project, we organize the perfect team to get the job done. If you would like to join Meme Team, check out the 'Let's Get to Work' page.


The Memeosphere Podcast


Definition [meem-o-sfeer] - the cultural realm in which all memes inhabit after discovery.


In this podcast we discuss the future of marketing. Segments include interviews with industry experts, book discussions, tips and tricks for digital marketers, and more.


Find us wherever you listen to podcasts or play in your browser right here. If you have any suggestions for future topics, send us a message on any social media. 


If you would like to be a guest on the show, hit us up!



The Memeosphere Skits


Definition [meem-o-sfeer] - the cultural realm in which all memes inhabit after discovery.


A silly saga exlporing how f***ing annying most advertising is. Ads bad. Brochures bad. Commercials bad ... you get it. Point being memes good. We think advertising should not suck. Let's make branded content people might actually like and want to share.


The Memeosphere Blog

Where all of our ideas come to life. We try to facilitate discussions and inform the public on anything related social media or the future of marketing.

The Memeosphere Insta

A safe place to talk about brands using memes. As more brands realize the power of social media content, it will be increasingly difficult to discern user-generated content from corporate content. We scour the internet for the best and worst examples. 

We're all over the place.


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